Cloyne Careplus Pharmacy are delighted to announce that we are providing COVID Antigen Testing. The platform that we use is CE Certified, has got emergency FDA approval and is also being used by the NHS in England, Scotland and Wales. In clinical trials it has been shown to be 97% comparable to the HSE PCR test. 

The purpose of the test is generally to try and prove a negative rather than detect a positive. In other words, if someone is a close contact of a positive case, then they would be in the HSE system and it would be preferable for them to go through that. Just from an assurance point of view, the machine will test for positive and has done so. It is important to be aware that it can take 14 days for a person to test positive when having been in close contact with a positive case. The average duration is, however, 5 days.

Appointments are generally available outside of pharmacy hours. The patient needs to fill in a consent form and the cost is €80.00